Capo for an English Cittern

I have been asked to make a Capo suitable for a 200 year old English Cittern that was made by Preston of London. Unfortunately, the owner does not have the original capo, but would like one made in a sympathetic style.

English Cittern

There are several good examples at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford including what appear to be original capo’s so these will provide a good source of inspiration.

English Citten Capo As you can see from the pictures, the capo is attached via a hole through the fretboard and neck, this this is then secured with a thumbscrew.

There were two examples in the Ashmolean, one made of ebony and the other of rosewood. They both sported brass through neck bolts with a thumbscrew in the fretboard side for tightening the capo over the strings. Hopefully I will be able to find a thumbscrew that will look in place on an instrument of this age rather than having to resort to a modern equivalent.


English Citten Capo

English Cittern Capo in the Ashmolean