English Cherry small bodied guitar

I had been planning on getting started with an acoustic build since the completion of the thin line Telecaster I built in 2011 but got delayed due to the construction of a new workshop. No more working in a freezing cold shed for me! I now have a fully insulated workshop it maybe a little on the small side, but compared to what I had before, I’m more than content.

As I was gearing up to start the build, the Official Luthiers Forum, decided to run a Newbie build competition  so I decided it was time to get on with things so duly signed up.

I am very keen to try and utilise Native and reclaimed woods in my builds, there are many suitable English woods that are suitable for instrument building, so I have decided to try and use only British grown wood for the competition build.

So far my plan is as follows.

Model – English Cherry small bodied guitar

Back & Sides – English Cherry
Soundboard – European (Alpine) Spruce – The only part I wont be able to source locally.
Bracing – European Spruce
Neck – English Sycamore
Fretboard – Bog Oak
Bridge – Bog Oak
Binding – English Walnut
Rosette – Cherry with Black, Pear, Black purfling

A more in depth build thread can be found on the OLF forum here so rather than duplicating content, bellow you can see a series of pictures charting progress to date.