Flat top mandolin

I have been keeping this one hidden for a while although it was completed a number of months ago. However, the flat top mandolin was being built as a Christmas present and I was trying to keep things secretive. But now that the recipient has it I can reveal all the new owner had been talking about getting a mandolin for a while, and what better than something handmade.

Walnut flat top mandolin specs

Walnut flat top mandolin

  • Back and sides – English Walnut
  • Soundboard – European Spruce
  • Neck – Sycamore with walnut centre splice
  • Fretboard – Laburnum
  • Bridge – Laburnum
  • Headstock overlays – English Walnut
  • Finish – Hand rubbed Liberon finishing oil

For the walnut mandolin, I decided to go for a flat top / back mandolin built in a similar method to an acoustic guitar rather than using carved top and back plates. The term flat top is slightly deceiving, as there is actually an radius to both the soundboard and back. This has been induced by using radius braces. and gluing up in a radius dish.