English Walnut small bodied guitar – Bracing the back

We I managed to get a few hours work in on the build over the weekend, and managed to get the back braced the along with the initial brace carving.

The back has been thinned to 2.8mm, allowing for some additional thinning during the sanding phase and the spruce braces glued on using the go bar deck.

Gluing up the back braces IMAG0874

Next I got on with planing the Western Red Cedar Soundboard down to thickness again thinning this down to around 3.2mm allowing for some final reduction of thickness before finishing. The cedar is very easy to plane, and did not take long at all to get it to the desired thickness.


Once the soundboard was thicknessed, I excavated by hand the channel for the rosette to sit, the rosette is made up of left over walnut from the back, and is segmented with a light coloured veneer. I will also be adding a matching purfling strip around the inner and outer edges of the rosette and an additional black purfling line outside these.


Next up will be installing the rossette and bracing the soundboard which I should hopefully get done over the next week.